Fact and Questions here!

+ What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the computer generated simulation of a three dimensional world that can be interacted in a real and physical way by using a state-of-the-art VR headset, hand-controllers and incredibly powerful computers.

+ I'm not a gamer, is VR for me?

Definitely. We believe VR is for everyone regardless of their interests, age and tech-knowledge. That is why we are providing a huge array of both games and VR experiences to make sure that any customer finds something to their taste. Whether you wanted to climb up Mount Everest in photo like realism, or take a seat aboard the space shuttle, on its way to the moon, there is something for everyone and every age.

+ I'm new to this, what game should I play first?

We have a great selection of games and experiences to choose from in our Games Library. Talk to our experienced vr staff and we will help narrow down the exact game/experience you are looking for.

+ How many firends can I bring? And how many can play at the same time with me?

You can bring up to 2 friends with you, however you can only play 1 at a time on the same booth. Meaning 1 would come out and another would then go in. We may be able to accommodate more people coming with you, strictly to watch only, however this would have to be agreed by contacting Showcase VR beforehand.

+ How do I avoid walking into walls?

Our VR system is the very latest on the market and has a clever way of letting you in while wearing them that you are getting close to a wall.

+ Can I book more than 1 session?

Absolutely, you can book as many of you wish as long as we have the availability for you. Check with www.showcasevr.co.uk to see what deals we have on for additional sessions or ask a member of staff.

+ Can I wear prescription glasses while using VR?

Although we do recommend wearing contacts if an option to give you a slightly better experience, the VR headset is designed to adapt to glasses. Just let us know in advance so we can have it ready for you.

+ Are there any physicial limitations that would prevent me from enjoying the experience?

The optimal VR experience requires users to move their head and neck, and have use of at least one hand to interact with the environment.

Our centre is also wheelchair accessible and can provide VR experience session for those in a wheelchair. When in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff and we will help you choose an experience according to your needs.

+ Are there any clothing restrictions?

Some of the playing areas have padded floors and omni-directional treadmills, certain types of footwear like high heels or should you wish to kneel in your game/experience, for hygiene reason you must bring/be in your socks only during play or purchase our own Centre items. Other than this, we recommend casual wear as some on the games/experiences are pretty intense and prepare for getting sweaty.

+ What kind of VR hardware are you using?

This is a great question, as there are many VR devices available. We use the very latest and most immersive Virtual Reality available, the HTC VIVE, KAT Walk Minis, Atomic A3 motion chairs and mobile earthquake floors. Combined with incredibly powerful computers and a dedicated and unhindered space to move around in, you can have an experience that is incomparable to any other VR device.

+ What are the age limits?

If accompanied by a parent/guardian, then users as young as 8 years old can enjoy the many age related games/experiences. However you can't be too old to use VR as we have something for everyone.

+ Do you have multiplayer games or online games?

Yes we have many multiplayer and online options – up to 3 friends you can co-op or battle against each other from our extensive Games Library. Please book in advance if you plan to have 3 or more friends coming along.

+ Do you accept Corporate/Group events or Birthday parties?

Absolutely! We have many options for both and these can be tailored to your exact requirements.

For Corporate/Group events and Birthday Parties call us 01382 699623 and we will make the arrangement in the first instance.

For single bookings check out our Book Now portal on the webstie it will guide through everything.

+ How do I book?

Our booking system is very easy. You can go to our booking page, www.showcasevr.co.uk/booking

  1. Website here at Book Now
  2. Choose your date/time from whats available
  3. Fill in some details
  4. Pay either on the day at reception and that's it.
  5. For group, venue and party hire please call us on 01382 699623 for further details.

And we’re only a call away if you have a questions about booking.

We will confirm your booking along with some relevant information for you (including the disclaimer that needs to be signed when you come in) and that's it.

+ Should I arrive in advance?

We strongly recommend that you come 7-10 minutes in advance to listen to the introduction and review the setup process

+ Cancellations

As long are we receive at least 48 hours notice, then we will refund your booking in full. Inside 48 hours notice unfortunately we cannot refund your booking.

+ What makes Showcase VR difference from other establishments?

In a word...EVERYTHING! Showcase VR is part of Showcase the Street, a registered Charity (SCO35025). The income generated from the centre allows Showcase The Street to produce and carry out some great services in the local communities for free, which have a positive social impact. Young people take part in their preferred activity, (Football, Dance or Drama) learning some new physical skills, and social skills while gaining confidence from the feedback from their tutors and peers. Young people are also given the chance to gain academic accreditation via SQA due to Showcase the Street centre approval in 2016. All young people who attend our courses are directed to positive destinations after school such as college, university, and work experience.